This is Going to be Bad Ep. 09

Richard Crim
3 min readJul 7, 2020

WH states C-19 is,” harmless for 99% of people”. Basically, admitting it kills 1.1–1.2%.

So, Trump came out on Saturday and said C-19 has an Infection Mortality Rate of 1%.

Of course, that’s not how he said it. He said, “C-19 is harmless for 99% of people”. An admission that they are now trying to back away from, FDA commissioner refuses to comment on Trump’s claim that 99 percent of coronavirus cases are ‘harmless’ because it sounds somewhat callous and a little addled when the news is full of increasing numbers of Covid-19 infections across the country.

Still, this was a really telling admission of the truth by the WH and it probably means things are about to get bad.

Just yesterday the CDC was saying the estimated Infection Mortality Rate was 0.5%. This doubles that estimate which should be shocking news.

It signals they are anticipating a large spike of deaths about to start happening and are trying to get out in front of it by painting it as “only 1%”.

Because we know this WH and we know that they just bought up the world’s supply of remdesavir for the rest of the year. It follows that the actual Infectious Mortality Rate must be around 1.1–1.2%.

They are admitting to 1%, but that 1% is probably their estimate “with remediation” from drugs like remdesavir and Dexamethasone and improved treatment protocols. Which means the actual C-19 Infection Mortality Rate is probably 1.1–1.2%. A little higher than I thought it was.

The only reason I can think of for Trump to say this, is if reality is forcing his hand. I think the death toll is about to start climbing rapidly and he and his political team are “pre-spinning” the coming carnage as “only 1%”.

It also signals that they have completely given up on containment.

They would not be saying this if they thought there was a chance for…



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