The Crisis Report — 29

Has the “Climate Apocalypse” started? — Part Three

Richard Crim


The Global Oceans are RAPIDLY warming. How should YOU respond to that, who’s NARRATIVE should you listen to?

The GREEN line was the average year between 1982 and 2011. The two dotted lines are what 2 Sigma deviations from that would be. The ORANGE line was 2023, it was a 6 Sigma deviation from that average. The RED line is THIS YEAR.

That’s a BAD THING. A VERY BAD thing. What does “Climate Science” say about it?

Should I be preparing for the “End of the World”?

Who’s narrative should I be listening to?

What are the facts and how should I interpret them?

Should I be an “Optimist” or a “Doomer” right now?

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This map shows you “how hot” the oceans are right now.

30C is 86F, 35C is 95F. The equatorial waters are getting HOT.

This map shows you how much “hotter than normal” they are, “right now”.

Can you see HOW MUCH heat is building up, even in the non-equatorial parts of the oceans. The waters off the California coast look cool in the first map. Here we can see that they are actually about +2C warmer than the 1971–2000 average.

Have you ever “boiled water” in a pot?

If you have, you know that you have to add a lot of HEAT to water to get it to warm up. Do you have ANY IDEA how much ENERGY it takes to warm up the GLOBAL Ocean like this?

The Oceans were significantly cooler 50 years ago. Since 1970 about 437 Zetta Joules worth of HEAT ENERGY has been added to them.

I do.

99 Hiroshima Class Bombs per sq. MILE of Ocean is what it works out to.

Which works out to around 13 billion 731 million HIROS worth of ENERGY.

Added to the Oceans in just the last 50 years.

We estimate the amount of ENERGY released by the Chicxulub Impact Event that killed off the dinosaurs was around 10 billion HIROS. We have forced ALMOST 14…



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