The Crisis Report — 28

Has the “Climate Apocalypse” started? — Part Two

Richard Crim


In this graph the “peaks” over the last 150,000 years are the “warm periods” between ICE AGES. The first green line marks the END of the last GLACIAL MAXIMUM when Global Temperatures were about -6C below our 1850 baseline. The second green line is the “Late Antique Ice Age” which caused Rome to COLLAPSE. Between 150AD and 650AD the Climate in Europe got progressively COLDER. The population fell by about 50%.

What you THINK, seems to depend on what you SEE in the graph above.

With no other context, what does the graph indicate to you about the STATUS of the Earth/s Climate System?

If you SEE, what looks like a “truly MASSIVE” jump in the YEARLY amount of energy flowing into the Climate System. Then ALL the “Evidence” agrees with you.

This estimate pegs it at around 12 Hiros per Second currently. I think it/s closer to 15.

NASA/GISS, NOAA, and the Climate Moderates like Berkeley Earth AREN’T SURE yet.

Global Temperature Report for 2023 — Berkeley Earth Jan, 12 2024.

“2023 was a highly unusual year in several respects, including record warmth in most ocean basins and a large deviation from the historical trend.”

Warmth in 2023 greatly exceeded expectations, and was much stronger than normal this early in an El Niño.

“Some studies have recently argued that the pace of global warming may be accelerating.”

“However, given historical variability in surface temperatures, it still remains too early to conclude whether or not the pace of surface warming has increased.”

— Berkeley Earth 2024

If you have been paying attention, this SPIKE has been the “MAIN TOPIC” of discussion among ALL the serious Climate Scientists in the world. For the LAST FOUR YEARS.

This is a CRISIS in the field of Climate Science.

According to the prevailing “Climate Paradigm” of the Moderates, this CANNOT happen. There is NO WAY for a “Warming Spike” like this to occur in their MODELS.




Richard Crim

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