The Crisis Report — 27


Richard Crim


Let’s talk about what’s going on.

‘Cause 2024 is “Coming in HOT”.

The Sea Surface Temperature (SST) of the World’s Oceans is about +0.9C HOTTER than the 1982–2011 MEAN. This is a 6 SIGMA deviation. Daily SST records began in September 1981, meaning 1982 is the first year they have on record with daily data for Jan-Dec. ClimateReanalyzer began in early 2012, so at that point they only had complete records from 1982–2011 to compare against.

Remember this graph from last year?

This forecast is from NOVEMBER 2022. These were the Global Forecast Models Projecting 2023 SST conditions for the year. Most of them forecast an El Nino for Mid-to-late 2023 with Increasing strength. NASA/GISS stated that there was ONLY a 50% chance of an El Nino in 2023.

I keep coming back to this graph because it illustrates very clearly the “state of play” in the field of Climate Science. Consider how the “forecasts” are clustered into 3 distinct groups.

The field of Climate Science is mirrored in these forecasts. There are 3 clear factions in the field. The Green are MINIMIZERS, the Orange are MODERATES, and the Red are ALARMISTS. The LOWEST forecasts in this chart are GISS and NOAA. They were TOTALLY WRONG.

These three “clusters” represent the three “factions” in the field of Climate Science. Basically they can be labeled as:

Minimizers — Moderates — Alarmists

If you group “Denier Science” into the larger Climate Science “umbrella” then you have the full-spectrum of responses to the current “Climate Crisis” which is unfolding.

Deniers Minimizers — Moderates — Alarmists

I want to talk about how each of these groups is responding to the INTENSIFYING Climate Crisis. Things are getting worse VERY QUICKLY now…



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