The Crisis Report — 24

What went wrong. A Climate Paradigm Postmortem. Part Two

Richard Crim


Understanding our Current Climate Paradigm.

Where it came from and why it gained ascendancy.

At best “Climate Science” is 200 years old. Realistically it starts in the 50’s.


Let’s talk about “Climate Science”. If you are like 99 out of 100 people, you probably have a lot of misconceptions, misinformation, and outdated ideas in your head. You probably think understanding the Earth’s Climate System is too difficult for a regular person to fathom. If you are like 99 out of 100 people, you rely on expert “trusted voices” to tell you what “the scientists” think and how it will affect you.

This is normal.

Being INFORMED has a cost. Even in an age of “free” information, being INFORMED about a subject costs you TIME. For most people, time is precious.

None of us can “know everything”. We all have to rely on expert “trusted voices” throughout our daily life. Not just scientists. We rely on plumbers, mechanics, lawyers, contractors, doctors, teachers, priests, and a host of others to advise us and help us make sense of topics we are unfamiliar with.

Most of us do the same when it comes to understanding “Global Warming” and the Climate Change it causes. We rely on “trusted voices”. We rely on “the scientists” to tell us the dangers, the risks, and the urgency of the situation. We TRUST them to guide us and warn us. We BELIEVE them when they say things like.

If the science objectively demonstrated it was too late to limit warming below catastrophic levels, that would be one thing and we scientists would be faithful to that (and tell people). But science doesn’t say that.

-Climatologist Michael Mann 2021 (Guardian)

In the case of Global Warming and Climate Change, this has produced CATASTROPHE.

4 out 5 Climate Scientists say they expect to see “catastrophic impacts of climate change in their lifetimes”.



Richard Crim

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