The Crisis Report — 16

The Third American Civil War is getting hotter. The Trumpublican States push to ban “Abortion Pills” nationally, signals their endgame strategy.

Richard Crim


They are still fighting the Second American Civil War.


If you are reading my articles you know that I don’t take things at face value. I know that many people make that claim, and then go on to waste your time with bullshit uninformed opinion. That’s the DIFFERENCE between OPINIONS and ANALYSIS.

Everybody has opinions, Informed People provide analysis. There’s a difference.

Now, I am telling you that I am an “Informed Person” on a variety of topics. That’s MY OPINION. It may or may not be objectively true.

That’s for you to decide. That’s your JOB as the reader.

I am presenting you with analysis and YOU DECIDE if it seems like a credible explanation for the fact pattern presented. I am not just telling you “what’s happening”. That’s what reporters do.

I am telling you what I think it means. How “things” that happen, fit into the bigger picture. What’s going on in the metaphorical forest.


I am AUTISTIC. Part of that is synesthesia. I experience text in my head very differently than most people. Words are in colors, sizes, and shapes. They pulse and move. Glow and blaze.


like blocks

Building Ideas Literally.

Sometimes they are snowflakes, sometime clouds, sometime a swarm like bees.

I spent my life cleaning up my text for other people. I’m retired. Deal with it.

I think that America is in a functional state of CIVIL WAR.

It’s easy to miss that it’s happening, because there is a surface level of normalcy. Because there is so much social inertia in a…



Richard Crim

My entire life can be described in one sentence: Things didn’t go as planned, and I’m OK with that.