The Crisis Report — 10

There is no good way to spin this, Collapse has started. It’s about to start getting really hot, and the global population is about to shrink roughly 50%.

Richard Crim


As we approach 2023 this is already invalid. The world has now warmed 1.3°C.

This is hotter than it has been for over 3 million years.

The bottom graph is the last 800,000 years, the top half is the last 5 million. The Earth is now hotter than it has been at any time in the last 5 million years.
Soon, it will be hotter than it has been in the last 12 million.

The Fossil Fuel Elites are going to try to keep everyone from understanding this as long as possible.

“Rapid Depopulation” seems to be their solution to the Climate Crisis. They seem to expect that they will be the economic royalty in the “New World Order” that Climate Change is forcing upon us.

When you think about “Climate Science”, you always need to remind yourself that the field is only 60 years old.

The famous “Keeling” measurement record of the planetary CO2 level. It starts in 1957. That’s how recently “Climate Science” started.

In 1957–1958 The International Geophysical Year was declared by the UN.

In that year Charles David Keeling started a program to measure the concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere that continued without interruption from the late 1950’s through today. Producing the graph you see above.

An increase in 63 years from 310ppm to 416ppm. A 106 point increase in 63 years.

We knew next to nothing in 1957.

Regular measurements of global weather conditions using standard instruments, really started only in the mid-nineteenth century around 1840. A global network of weather stations using standardized equipment wasn’t established until 1880.



Richard Crim

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