So, here's how this election breaks down racially by percentages of population:

Rep Dem

Whites 42% 24%

Blacks 1% 11%

LatinX 6% 13%

Other 0% 3% (Asian, Indigenous)


Totals: 49% 51%

Once again about 2 out of 3 Whites voted Republican.

The most disturbing aspect of this election is the number of Black and Hispanic men who voted Republican. There is no way that any intelligent adult can objectively say that the Republican party and it's core of White voters does anything to help either of these two groups.

Indeed, their demonization of these two groups (Black men are criminals and thugs, Mexican men are rapists and murderers) and open persecution of them is a foundational part of Republican ideology. They are literally the people that White America does not want their daughters to marry because it will "pollute" their bloodlines and result in "mongrel" grandchildren. So, why would any of them vote Republican?

When I was studying anthropology one of my areas of interest was the militaries of authoritarian states. Often the troops in these states are recruited from the poorest sectors of their societies. Yet paradoxically, they will follow orders to oppress and even commit genocide against their own people and class.

Why would they do this? They are generally not rewarded for their loyalty to the elites running the state. Indeed, these elites often view them as little better than dogs and expend them without mercy or consideration. Why then do they follow orders, committing inhumane and criminal acts, for people who hold them in contempt?

As an indigenous Sargent I interviewed in Guatemala once told me, they do it because, "it is better to be the dog of a wealthy master, than it is to be a victim."

They do it because they have no hope or expectation that "the system" is ever going to change. They do it because by binding themselves to the "winners" in their society they will no longer be victims. They do it because they want security and a future for themselves and their children and it seems like the only path that is open to them. They do it because they don't see any other realistic choices.

That Black and Hispanic men are starting to vote Republican tells me that they have given up on the Democrats. They see the Republicans and White America as the people who are going to be "the winners" in the years to come. For the Democratic coalition it's a bad sign.

Because let's be real. Biden won because about 1.5-2% of white voters switched sides and voted for him. That's how razor thin the margin for control of the country is. How evenly matched the two sides are. That's why nothing big is going to get done over the next two years and why we are going to do this all over again in a rematch in four years.

Realistically the Republican's are probably going to win in 2024. They will point to a stunted Biden Administration that got very little done and ask the famous Reagan question, "Are you better off today than you were four years ago?". The mythology among White Republican voters is going to be that Trump was great and lost "only" because of Covid Panic spread by the Democrats. In 2024 you can bet 2 out of 3 White voters will vote Republican again and if Black and Hispanic men stick with them, they will win.

The vote for Trump in this election shows that the suicide pact that White America has to vote together no matter what is going to stand. Which means that this is going to be another lost decade for the US. Our decline as a Great Power is going to become more apparent and the ascendancy of China more obvious. Our last chance to get in front of Climate Change is going to be squandered. Collapse isn't inevitable yet, but this vote made it more probable.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: Things didn’t go as planned, and I’m OK with that.

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