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I did a video interview with Max Rottersman.

Richard Crim


Max really likes this graph.


I read Hansen’s newest paper.

Groundhog Day. Another Gobsmackingly Bananas Month. What’s Up?

  • January 4th, 2023

In this latest paper he calculates what the CO2e of the new EEI (Earth Energy Imbalance) works out to.

With the JUMP in the EEI since 2015, from +0.5W/m2 to +1.4W/m2.

FYI- The HIGHEST the EEI has gotten “naturally” in the last 800,000 years is about +0.3W/m2

The new EEI works out to a CO2e level of 530ppm.

We are NOW, functionally at 530ppm in terms of ENERGY going into the Climate System. A functional jump of OVER +100ppm in about 8 years.

I’ve been thinking about what that means, in terms of ‘how fast” things are going to get WORSE now. It’s like we literally just got hit by an asteroid.

The EEI went from around +0.5W/m2 in 2014, to around +1.4W/m2 in 2023.

Basically TRIPLING the amount of ENERGY flowing into the Climate System.


That’s the ONLY thing of real consequence in the world right now. That’s our future turning to ashes in ONE DECADE perhaps.

That’s what my next paper is going to discuss.


I did a video interview with Max Rottersman for his YouTube channel/program(?). We talked about Climate Change for over an hour but he edited down to about 20 minutes.

If you want to see\hear me talk/lecture/ramble for 20 minutes here’s the link.




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