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Richard Crim


From James Hansen’s How We Know that Global Warming is Accelerating and that the Goal of the Paris Agreement is Dead. He is forecasting +2C around 2040


Since I am not a “Climate Scientist” my qualifications for writing articles about the Climate System are often called into question. Since I am also questioning the current Climate Paradigm aka “the Scientific Consensus” I am generally viewed as a “FRINGE” writer.

However, everything I say is based on actual research findings and studies. I’m not “creating” these facts out of my imagination, but I may be organizing the “fact pattern” into a narrative that you aren’t used to seeing.

I rarely see “good news”.

I am currently getting ready to write my next LiBT article. It’s about how “once again” the Moderates and the Fossil Fuel Elites misinterpreted the Climate System in the way that was most favorable to their economic interests.

I imagine that all of you are tired of hearing about this over and over again. It feels like the same story, over and over again. Even when the details are different, the basic outline never changes.

We were greedy and stupid and now it’s going to crash our civilization. Just like the Alarmists said it would all along.

Still, it is important to understand the WHY and HOW of what was done. If, for no other reason, so that we can truly understand the Climate System and “see” what the FUTURE holds for us.

Here was my reading list over the weekend. This is how I get ready to write.


Permafrost (from perma-permanent’, and frost) is soil or underwater sediment which continuously remains below 0 °C (32 °F) for two years or more: the oldest permafrost had been continuously frozen for around 700,000 years.

While the shallowest permafrost has a vertical extent of below a meter (3 ft), the deepest is greater than 1,500 m (4,900 ft). Similarly, the area of individual permafrost zones may be limited to narrow mountain summits or extend across vast Arctic regions. The…



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