On Politics: War by other means

Richard Crim
4 min readOct 4, 2021

We are in the middle of a civil war. Most people, on both sides, don’t see it yet. Corporate America does.

FYI-All of the top 20 Cities, 42% of US GDP, Democratic strongholds

What happened with Facebook today isn’t just about Facebook. It’s a reminder that we are in the middle of a civil war.

Think of Facebook as a city, a city with rich resources. Both sides want to take control of Facebook, because it’s important. It’s like one of those port cities that control over can decide the outcome of a war.

It’s so F’ing important that it cannot be allowed to continue going on completely independently. This city is going to be taken by someone.

Right now, the Democrat army is at the gates of the city demanding that the Mayor, “the Zuck" come out and surrender the city. However, it turns out that “the Zuck" made a deal with the Trump folks last year.

If he agreed to let them keep using Facebook as a propaganda tool, they promised him a very favorable regulatory environment after the election. More than anything, avoiding regulation is what “the Great Zuck" wants. Regulation would make Facebook less profitable.

So, Zuck took that deal with the devil. He let the Trumpublican’s use Facebook as a propaganda machine. Hell, he charged them for using Facebook and made 50m just from the Trump campaign alone.

Anticpating their victory he even had an ad campaign ginned up saying that,

“It’s been 25 years since the Internet was last regulated. A lot has changed. It’s time for new rules going forward.”

Which, if you live in DC played nonstop this Spring and Summer. He spent serious money last year, for airtime this year.

To push the idea that now is the time for new Internet regulation. Why on G-ds green earth would he do that when Elizabeth Warren and the Progressives want to regulate the hell out of him. He did it;

Because he thought Trump was going to win.

Because he thought he had a deal.

Because he thought he was going to get a really good deal from the Republicans.

And then they lost the election. Who could have predicted that was going to happen? Who could have foreseen Covid-19 and Trump’s complete failure to manage the…

Richard Crim

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