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Richard Crim
8 min readMay 20, 2022

Point — Counterpoint

Hearst and Pulitzer. This is a satire of the Pulitzer and Hearst newspapers’ role in drumming up U.S. public opinion to go to war with Spain.

So, right now Conservatives and Trumpublican’s are having a hissy fit about their “right” to read Trump’s lies and disinformation on Twitter and Facebook. They could sign up for Trump’s social media service and get their fix there. That’s not good enough for them. To them, Trump is being censored.

Trump is NOT being censored or silenced, he has a social media service dedicated to him. That’s not “censorship”.

But, that’s not good enough for his cultists. “Free Speech” isn’t what this is about.

Right now Conservatives don’t want “Free Speech”. What they want, is the power to force all of us to have to listen to “their speech” first.

Free Speech Haters, You Brought This Upon Yourselves

Just admit it, you knew you were insulting everyone’s intelligence. And you kept doubling down on the censorship.

This is typical of the “pro-Elon” free speech arguments that are floating around here on Medium right now. Typically, they never mention Trump because they want to make this about a nebulous debate on “free speech” instead of a debate about Trump the Traitor who betrayed his oath of office and staged an unsuccessful coup.

I don’t normally post my comments. If you are interested, I have a “Commentary Best Of” list you can read through. In this case I am making an exception because the debate is important. So, without further ado, here is my response to Mr. Skiviers and all of the “”Free Speech Warriors” of the Trumpublican Right.

Now go read his piece. Give Mr. Skiviers a moment of your time. It’s important to listen when someone is telling you who they are. When you finish, here is my reply.

Why I am not a Free Speech Absolutist and You shouldn’t be either.

What a giant steaming load of crap. Written by an idiot child it sounds like a typical dorm room bs session between privileged White dudes whose Mommies told them everything they said was “special”.

Let’s be clear. Elon Musk buying Twitter has NOTHING to do with FREE SPEECH and everything to do with TRUMP.

Trump the Traitor.

Richard Crim

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