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Unclothing the Emperor : Understanding “What’s Wrong” with our “Climate Paradigm”. Part 4

Richard Crim


The PERMAFROST — is MELTING, “faster than expected”.

Batagaika Crater in Eastern Russia. Melting permafrost isn’t going to magically turn into “farmlands”.


I have come to realize that I am a “fringe” writer when it comes to Climate Change and the Climate Crisis. I am taking a “very big picture” look at the emerging science and then I am telling you how I “think” it all ties together.

That’s NOT science, it’s analysis. Or, as some would say, it’s my opinion.

I want to be REALLY clear about this, because I don’t want to be misleading. I am going to take the existing research on the permafrost and the Climate System, then present you with my ANALYSIS of what it means. Which is also going to be my interpretation of how the Climate System works.

For the most part, this new interpretation, or paradigm, isn’t NEW. I am not laying out anything radical or “off the wall”. Everything in my interpretation of the Climate System comes from the field of “Climate Science”. However, I am COMPLETELY rejecting the MODERATE Climate Paradigm that has dominated Climate Science for the last 40 years.

The Climate Paradigm of the Moderates.

Tracing its roots back to Callendar, who in 1938 calculated a +2°C temperature rise for a carbon dioxide doubling (2xCO2). The MODERATE position “coalesced” in 1979 at the five-day “ad hoc” study group on carbon dioxide and climate in Woods Hole, Massachusetts.

The Moderates saw the planetary climate system as being resistant to change, strongly self correcting, and reactive only on centennial or millennial timescales.

They THEORIZED that “Climate Sensitivity” to 2xCO2 (A doubling of CO2 levels) would be between +2C and +3C.

Hansen’s Climate Sensitivity estimate in Global warming in the pipeline = (4.8°C ± 1.2°C).

Later on in 1998, they THEORIZED that “Polar Amplification” or “Arctic Amplification” would be “less that twice” the amount of “overall warming”.

The Arctic has warmed nearly



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