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Richard Crim
13 min readNov 17, 2023

Unclothing the Emperor : Understanding “What’s Wrong” with our “Climate Paradigm”. Part 3

Polar Amplification.

Hansen is projecting a “peak” for this El Nino of around +1.7C. At the NEW Rate-of-Warming he projects reaching +2.0C around 2040. Global agricultural output is projected to DECLINE by around -25%.

In case you missed it in James Hansen’s latest paper, How We Know that Global Warming is Accelerating and that the Goal of the Paris Agreement is Dead, here’s the most important takeaway from the paper.

“A decade ago, we estimated that Earth Energy Imbalance (EEI) during the first decade of this century was +0.6 W/m2 averaged over the planet, which is about 16 times greater than humanity’s total (annual) energy use and equal to the energy of 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day.”

“However, since then, fossil fuel emissions have not declined; instead, they have grown, and Earth’s energy imbalance has approximately doubled.”

Due to our Climate Forcings, about 800,000 Hiroshima bombs worth of ENERGY is being added to the Global Ocean PER DAY.

That/s Two Hundred and Ninety Two Million (292,000,000) Hiro/s worth of ENERGY going into the Oceans per year.

The surface area of the world’s oceans is roughly 139 million square miles.

The amount of ENERGY being added to the Oceans now is equal to our dropping two Hiroshima class bombs on EVERY square mile of ocean on the planet EACH YEAR.

Due to our Climate Forcings, about 2.1 Hiro/s worth of ENERGY is being added to EVERY SQUARE MILE of Ocean on Earth, EVERY YEAR.

If this ENERGY was being absorbed by the atmosphere instead of the oceans, our planet would be a burned and blackened cinder in space.

According to the Current Climate Paradigm in Climate Science, that of the MODERATES, this isn’t supposed to be happening.

Sadly, they are the ONLY voices we have been listening to for the LAST 25 YEARS. Because, they got EVERYTHING WRONG.

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Svante Arrhenius calculated that doubling atmospheric CO₂ concentrations would result in a total warming of 5–6°C. His work was published in the study titled “On the influence of carbonic acid in



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