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I don't know if I agree with you even though this is a very good essay. This has stopped being a "both sides must be respected' and "people can agree to disagree" time in history.

We are having "existential" crisis's at the Nation state level and at a Global "survival of civilization" level.

The CLIMATE CRISIS is here and the refusal of 49% of America, specifically WHITE America to accept that reality can no longer be tolerated. WE ARE OUT OF TIME FOR THEIR BULLSHIT WILLFUL BLINDNESS.

Americans are the most likely people in the world to hold false beliefs about Global Warming.

A report was released last year, The Impacts of Climate Disinformation on Public Perception that found.

Fox News remains a significant source of false and misleading information about the climate crisis, fueling unfounded public skepticism in a way that could even inspire violence against policymakers who advocate for strong climate action.

The report included a scientific survey on the media consumption habits of thousands of people in six different countries: Brazil, Australia, India, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. It found that Americans, especially those who regularly watch Fox News, are the most likely among the study’s participants in all six countries to hold false beliefs about global warming.

The report found that people who watch Fox News at least five times a week, were far more likely than the general public to believe a host of false climate narratives.

Including that renewable energy sources are unreliable and more expensive at generating electricity than fossil fuels and that the world’s science community is still debating the cause of global warming.

These findings, show that climate misinformation remains a rampant problem around the world and continues to be disproportionately spread by right-wing media. If more isn’t done to address the issue, those false narratives will continue to hinder constructive debate and action.

“The misconception around climate change is too widespread and significant to ignore. One quarter of Americans think that climate change is a hoax, a consistent and false talking point from Trump and the GOP. We can’t address the climate crisis with this level of discrepancy over reality.”

Look, I am also a WHITE Southern. Raised by racists. I understand the "love the sinner, hate the sin" mentality. I understand the desire to persuade and educate people into new paradigms. I understand your empathy for them.

But, like the song says.

"Whose side are you on boy, whose side are you on?

Because the time for DEBATE is ending.

Short Takes — 003

No, I cannot “remember that we are all Americans and just be friends”. Because, one side is acting like it wants a fight. And that’s too dangerous to ignore.

The Crisis Report — 12

We are in a moment of history where things could go CATASTROPHICALLY BAD.



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