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Anthropogenic Particulate is a form of Geoengineering

To understand what it’s going to do, we can look to the recent past

As you might expect, I read a lot of Climate news. I also read a lot of Climate articles, papers, reports, and commentary. So, I was really interested in what the reaction to the IPCC report released a few weeks ago would be like. It has been underwhelming to say the least. Very few people understand what’s happening yet.

One of the more interesting pieces I came across while I was looking at commentary was this piece of Climate…

You have the misfortune of being a "Climate Cassandra". You can see exactly what's about to happen but you cannot get anyone to believe you.

Bill McKibben famously said, "With Climate Change, winning slowly is the same as losing." We are winning too slowly. There still isn't the political will to do anything about Global Warming because there still isn't enough popular will to make that happen.

Consider this, there isn't a single government in the world that's dominated by a Green Party or a Green faction within an existing party. Not one.

Voters under 40 are the ones who…

Healthy Coral — Bleached Dead Coral

Humanity forms coral reef like environments, we call them “cities”

We are about to have a “bleaching” event

I have recently been working hard to come up with simple, effective, visceral descriptions of what Global Warming is doing to the planet. People are starting to get nervous about what’s going on, the disasters are getting too big to ignore. There seems to be a growing recognition that “something” is happening, and that maybe they need to start paying more attention to the science people on the television when they talk about “Climate Change”.

It isn’t happening quickly enough.

Bill McKibben…

Greenville California 2021

UN Chief Communicator on Climate Team calls for “Hope, Unity, and Action”

No One is Happy

So, Melissa Fleming, Chief Communicator #United Nations, wrote an open letter July 28th here on Medium (). In it, she reiterates the plea from UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres for urgent investment to protect the world’s most vulnerable from the intensifying onslaught of extreme weather events. She asks that we hold to our values of generous collaboration, bold leadership, and compassion and “wield the power that lies in collective action”.

I thought it was an articulate and eloquent call to remain hopeful and not…

The Pyramid of the Painted Lintel

Pyramid of the Painted Lintel, Conjunto de Pinturas, Site of Coba, Quintana Roo, Mexico

After exploring the stelae of the Macanxoc group of ruins walk back on the footpath to the main trail. If you have a tricitaxi, the driver will be waiting for you there. They will take you back on the trail to either; the turnoff to go to the Nohoch Mul Group (the green dot) or the drop off point for the Conjunto de Pinturas (the light brown dot).

The World’s Forests are on Fire, Ecosystem Turnover is the Cause

Let’s All be Really Clear on What that Means.

I’m not a concise writer. I like to contextualize the issue I am discussing and provide a framework for understanding it. This tendency makes my climate articles run to the lengthy side. So, this time I’m going to be short and to the point.

I use the term “ecosystem turnover” frequently in my articles to explain why the planet is going to be plagued by fires on unbelievable scales for the rest of this century. …

The Fifth Wave is Starting and It’s Growing Fast

So, my wife and I have been reading the new book about Trump and the Republican handling of Covid last year (I Alone Can Fix It). What’s really clear is that we missed our chance to contain C-19 in the first pass because Trump and the Republicans were worried about what it would do to his reelection prospects. They crippled our response to the threat in the hopes it would be a false alarm or at least wouldn’t be serious until after the election.

They were wrong.

Then we got amazingly lucky and previous research into a vaccine for the…

Story of a Maya Queen

Stele One, Macanxoc Group

As I stated before, the signage at the site is really minimal. This small marker is all that a visitor will find.

A truly lovely piece of writing. Anyone with a shred of empathy should want to take you in their arms, stroke your hair while you cry on their shoulder, and say, "there, there, it will be alright".

As for what's wrong with men these days, not an f'ing clue. As a man in my early 60's I don't understand them at all.

But I am reminded of something I read decades ago. Perhaps you are familiar with Wendy Wasserstein and her work "The Heidi Chronicles"?

She's dead now but I think she would have told you that men only want goddesses in their dreams and fantasies. When they pair up and marry, they want their mommies. Someone who will give them unconditional love no matter how badly they behave and settle for almost nothing other than their mere presence in return.

Projected Changes to US Crop Yields by 2050

Bomb Time — The hyper accelerated rate of warming and climate change that will compress 1,000 years of normal inter-glacial warming into the next 30 years of human time as the thermal pulse from our “climate bomb” hits the planet.

There was a lot of Climate Disaster news last week

Here are the two things that are the most important

“In the end, it always came down to food” Morgan Jones, Walking Dead, Season 3

Which is why this week’s column uses a map that frequent readers will recall seeing before. It was prepared last year by the Rhodium Group…

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My entire life can be described in one sentence: Things didn’t go as planned, and I’m OK with that.

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